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5 3/4" Black Dual Headlight Kit

Brand New 5 3/4Black Dual Headlight Kit includes:

(2) 5 3/4" Glass Lens Headlights with H4 60/55w bulbs, DOT approved.

(2) Triangle brackets made from 1/8" aluminum and powder coated black.

(2) Lightweight, super strong , fork brackets are made of a high density composite that will not scratch or scuff your fork tubes and will never rust or corrode. 

(1) wire loom, hardware and basic install instructions.

* Kits are sold by fork tube size, we stock 37mm, 39mm, 41mm, 43mm, 45mm, 46mm, 48mm, 50mm, 52mm, 54mm. check out fork tube chart to see what size you need. Some fork tubes taper out in the middle where you would install fork brackets, in that case you would need a larger size ( example: most gsxr's have  50mm tube at the top but need 54mm in the middle), we will exchange fork tube brackets if you get the wrong ones.

** Easy to install, no wires to add, simply remove stock headlight plug and install the Dual headlight kits pigtail plug, hide your stock wiring with loom if needed, attach fork brackets to forks, plug in and install headlights. Headlights can be removed in minutes for track days.

*** Your bike's stock switch still controls high and low beams, both headlights work on high and low beam.

Fork Tube Size

Price $238.00